CBRN Evidence Bags


CBRN Evidence Bags X250 bags

The CBRN Evidence Bag is a must have for CBRN evidence collection and SSE.  In today’s world, the threat of CBRN materials are very real and allegations of the use of chemical, biological, or radiological weapons or materials are occasionally made.  Establishing facts on the ground after an incident is difficult due to the physical properties of such devices and weapons. Collecting evidence in such circumstances is also very important, potentially hazardous and can be difficult. Establishing the who and the why in this situation will be made much easier if the what and the how are established. The CBRN Evidence Collection Ziplok Bags allow you to do just that. These bags advance your capability when collecting unknown suspect or known CBRN materials.  You'll feel that sense of security knowing you have these on hand.  The triple bag technique or three-bag protection system is recommended for completely vanishing any permissible exposure limits.

Quantity per box: 250 bags


Biohazard Transport and Storage bags

Tamper Evident Flap Adhesive Bonds to the CBRNSAK

100% Liquid Tight Inside As Well As Outside

Highly Effective Anaerobic Chamber with results in 3 to 4 hours

White Label and Custom Sizes Available

More Size Bags will come into inventory as needed

CBRN Evidence Bag Specs:

Trace PEL to vanishing PEL

Can Withstand Direct Heat up to 170 F/ 76.5 C

5 mil Patented Film Technology with Barrier and Odor-Proofing Capabilities

Tensile Strength ASTM Method D-882 Typical Value: MD: 3,720 PSI/TD: 2,630 PSI