Double Cam Jam with Line


Double Cam Jam with Line

The Double Cam Jam with Line is a great way to secure items to packs, dogs, cars, etc.  Definitely not to secure humans to anything!

The old saying is "If you can't tie a knot, tie a lot."  Now it's "If you can't tie a knot, better use the Double Cam Jam with Line.

Just to be annoying, I took this picture after using a Double Daisy Chain "Go Navy" to shorten the line.


How to Use Cam Jam

When I first saw the Cam Jam, I couldn't see how it worked due to the packaging.  So here's how it works:

Here's the Cam Jam without the line.  Note the small round hole.  You run your cord through the hole.  

From here, you have 2 ways to use the Cam Jam.  Tie a knot big enough so that it won't come through the hole and slide the line down the groove allowing the cam to jam the line.  The second way is when you need to tighten the line.  Pull the slack out until the cord is tight enough for what you're doing.  Drop the cord through the groove allowing the cam to do the rest.

Obviously, you're not slinging a Hummer under a 47 with this but it is a great piece of gear that will make life a little easier and save a little time.  Get a handful of these.

What Nite Ize Says About Cam Jam

Designed to lock securely into place with a simple pull of a cord, the Nite Ize CamJam is an easy, knot-free way to tighten, tension, and secure lighter loads of all kinds. Made of sturdy, durable plastic, it features a carabiner clip with a stainless steel gate on one end, and a rotating, ridged cam mechanism on the other.

Simply anchor the carabiner to any hook, D-ring, or loop, and feed your cord through the cam until you've reached the desired level of tension. Pull firmly, and the cam locks into place and stays that way until you release it by rotating the cam.

Easy to adjust and readjust, the CamJam is made to use and reuse hundreds of times, in hundreds of ways. Clipped to rings and hooks, it's excellent for hanging and securing tarps, tents, blinds, gear (perfect for bear bags!). Create a loop by clipping it to one end of the cord and pulling the other end through to bundle sleeping bags, blankets, cut brush, or wrap light loads to wheelbarrows, wagons, dollies, bikes, and boats.