EOD Automatic Knife


EOD Automatic Knife

This EOD Automatic Knife is the Gerber Propel Downrange Auto Knife.


Also available with Black Handle!  


Need to move the clip to the other side?  No problem with the two threaded holes.


You know the old saying, "You're red.  You're dead!"  Slide the safety lever back exposing the Red Dot and push the button!

The push button is also the lock release for the blade when you're ready to put it away.


Tanto point gives you a great platform to make precise cuts with either the point of the flat part of the blade.  Serrated Edges rip apart whatever you're having to cut through.  The blade is S30V and the handle is G10.  Made in the USA so you know you're getting the best quality and Gerber is backing it up with their Lifetime Warranty!


Take a look at the backside and you'll see the hard tip which is great for breaking glass or a little bit of pain compliance.  Hit someone in the forearm with that point and you'll disable them.


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great automatic knife

Great knife, after two weeks I can tell you it's very solidly built and worth the price. it's now my everyday carry knife and I don't leave the house without it. to elaborate on what Mr Weber said it almost has a sandpaper like grit to siding with making it almost impossible to slip out of your hands or pants for that matter....
Posted by James, 5th Nov 2014

Best knife I've owned & great customer service!

This is a high-quality knife from a company known for quality. The knife was all I expected, and more. It's got solid, heavy construction, as expected. What I didn't know about this knife, and what the pictures can't show, is what a great handle it has. Unlike many of the other knives I've owned, this one won't slip out of your hand, even if it's wet. The handle has a textured grip and makes holding onto the knife effortless. The service from EOD-GEAR.COM was exceptional. Steve responded to correspondence quickly when I had a question, and added a personal touch. I will shop here again!
Posted by Ryan Weber, 27th Oct 2014