EOD Combo Green Dot Green Line Laser

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EOD Combo Green Dot Green Line Laser 


This EOD Combo Green Dot Green Line Laser gives the Tech the ability to use Dot or Line function with the simple twist of the head.   Perfect for finding trips, signaling and marking.

Brilliant Dot & Beam or Fluoresce Trip & Command Wires

What's in the Box:


  • C-TRIP-10G Green Dot & Line Laser:
    Waterproof, Shock Resistant
    Field Serviceable, Ruggedized
  • Improvements for 2013:
    1" Knurled Tube, Power Lockout,
    Lanyard Loop Switch
  • US Made Modular Pouch
    Small Pouch for C-TRIP Green Laser
    Choice of ACU, Coyote Brown, Black [LE],
    MultiCam, Ranger Green
    [Berry Compliant]
  • 2 pcs CR123A Lithium Batteries:
    Lithium / Manganese Dioxide [Li/MnO2]
    1400 mAh, 3 V
  • Lanyard Loop Switch, Constant On/Off
  • User Guide
  • Optional Laser Rail Mount Kit [LRM-KIT]:
    1" Offset Rail Mount [LRM-1]
    6" Remote Cable Switch [RCS-10]


Tech Spec:

  • Wavelength [Color] - 532 nm [Green - 98% IR Filter]
  • Line Output Specifications - 15' Line @ 15"
  • Laser Safety Class - [IEC-ANSI] 3R [FDA] IIIa
  • Diode Circuit Type - Computerized APC
  • Visual Range at Night - Dot - 5 Miles
  • Output Mode - Constant Wave
  • Product Warranty - 1 Year
  • Laser Output Power - < 1.0~5.0 mW
Laser Weapon Mount


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