EOD Gear Rip Away Pouch


EOD Gear Rip Away Pouch

The EOD Gear Rip Away Pouch is designed specifically for the Dismounted EOD Tech.

  • Made in the USA!
  • Berry Compliant
  • Comes in Coyote, Black, Ranger Green, OD Green and Multicam
  • Small Pull Handle is big enough to grab but not big enough to catch something during an operation
  • Comes with one MOLLE Velcro Base but you can add as many as you need
  • Robust zipper won't break or jam if dirty
  • Larger 550 Cord Pull Tabs
  • Designed to sit vertically allowing it to be used as a Dump Pouch
  • Once hand held, the pouch can open many ways and open all the way like a book
  • Two large pockets on each side
  • Multitool Pouch on the backbone for convenience and center weight for ease of handling
  • Small dual elastic strips on the right and 4 large elastic loops on the left
  • Retention Strap for added security

As the primary piece of our Dismounted System, this pouch can be mounted via MOLLE to your vest, carrier, pack or belt.

As we carry tools of varying sizes, we designed the pouch to hold large and small tools.

When open, due to the depth of the pouch you no longer need to worry about tools or parts rolling out and being lost.


Made in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturer defects.  If you leave it on a shot, you're going to need to buy another one.  


Tools in pouch are for reference only and are not included in the price of the pouch.

Manufacturer Part Number: EODRAP-BK


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