EOD High Visibility Remote Pull Line


EOD High Visibility Remote Pull Line 

This EOD Remote Pull Line  is the ideal line for strength to weight ratio for your remote pulls.  The line is a Berry Compliant Technora 1.75mm line with a 400 lb breaking strength.  Considering its size, it's perfect for dismounted operations where space and weight are at a premium.


EOD Remote Pull Line SPECS:

  • Extremely High Strength
  • Available in High-Vis Orange or Dark Gray
  • Rated to over 400 pounds
  • Coated with Samthane Urethane for a hard to tangle surface
  • 1.75mm Diameter allowing you to carry a whole bunch
  • 100 Foot Length or customer lengths (See Below)
  • Made in the US
  • Berry Compliant


How To Order Custom Lengths:

Many folks are selling the 180 foot spools but this is a 100 foot length which gives you exactly what you need at a great price.  We win with the price per foot length all day long.  180 feet doesn't help you when you need a 100 foot length.

If you're in the TBT program, you're required to have 2 100 foot lengths (which is why we sell it this way).

If you're looking for 2 100 foot lengths, enter Quantity 1 Twice.  You should have 2 separate line items.

If you want a 200 foot length, enter Quantity 2 Once.  You'll have 1 line item.

If you need to speak with someone to be sure, call us at 877-EOD-2626 or use the Live Chat in the lower right corner.



Color is dependent on the availability at any given time.  We look at strength, size, durability and color last.  We do our best but it may take some time to get you the color you want.