EOD Personal Remote Pull Kit


EOD Personal Remote Pull Kit


The EOD Personal Remote Pull Kit is designed for the EOD Team member to address the issues of IED's, suspicious packages and booby traps.

Remote Pull Kit Contains:


  • Case with your choice of Tan, OD, Black or MultiCam
  • 100 feet of 1650 pound line
  • Hook Knife
  • EOD Gear Modified Vice Grips
  • 3" Carabiner
  • Nite Ize Figure 9
  • Hemostats
  • 2 15 meter reusable tripwire locator tapes
  • 2 Red 2 Green Visipads
  • 5 Zipties



Yes, you're covered with our Lost Tool Guarantee!

Now available with an optional Green and/or IR combination Point-Line Laser!   Twist the head of the laser to move from Dot to Line.  Perfect for sweeping quickly or directing fields of fire.  Great news!  The lasers do have an optional pressure switch and rail system to mount the laser to your weapon.


This kit is designed to give you a rapid response for a package that is in your way.


A remote pull is best in case the suspicious package is actually an IED with some kind of anti-disturbance switch targeting someone that comes up to move it.


Hook on to the package using one of the tools and the 100 foot 1645 lb, non-tangling line, to seperate yourself from frag and the effects of blast.  If you move the suspicious package and it doesn't go off right then, you (may) may not have a victim activated switch.  It's still a suspicious package but it's out of your way.


The kit is small and light weight but is one you'll want to keep close to you.  The Kit case is available in Black, Tan, OD and MultiCam.

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