EOD Hot Stick


EOD Hot Stick

This EOD Hot Stick is the Dexter HS500 and extends out to 12 feet giving you a little more standoff and the best manipulation available when moving a suspicious package.


This is the premier EOD Hot Stick used by top EOD and Bomb Squad Commands around the world.  When you need to Grab, Move or Lift, don't rely on brute force but the exceptional ease found in the HS500.

EOD Hot Stick Specifications:


The Manipulator Head:

Overall Length 2 feet

Weight 5 pounds

Maximum Jaw Opening 6 inches Clamping Pressure 20 pounds
Jaw Rotation in 30 degree increments Ball Joint has Infinite Flexion

The Stand Off Section:
Overall Length of Each Section is 3 feet long

The Control Handle:

Multiple Sections Can be Joined Together 

Overall Length 1 foot

7.2 Volt Power Supply
Trigger with a Forward / Reverse Switch





Command and Quanity discounts are available.  Be sure to ask for an RFQ!