EOD Pen Light


EOD Pen Light


The EOD Flashlight-Pen is the Pelican 1920 which runs on 2 AAA's saving you money, provides ease of replacement and provides either 12 or 120 Lumen.

Using readily available AAA batteries, these bright LED lights create a clean white beam. Long burntimes combined with hi-lumen output make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light.

BODY: Aluminum with Type II Anodized
SHROUD: Aluminum with Type II Anodized
SWITCH TYPE: Momentary On/Off switch operation
MODES: On/Off/Momentary
CLIP: High Carbon Steel

This flashlight is thin.  About equal to a high end ball point pen.  Easy to carry and very easy to stow in your pocket, recon kit, hold in your bite or behind your ear.  

The push botton on the back allows for temporary on and to roll from 120 Lumen to 12 Lumen.  Just click the botton to lock it into your desired brightness.

Make your kit a bit lighter...and brighter.  Try the EOD Flashlight Pen.