EOD Utility Thigh Rig


EOD Utility Thigh Pouch


This EOD Utility Thigh Pouch is made of 3 seperate modules:  The Main Compartment, Radio Pouch and Flashlight Pouch.  That's what the compartments are named but you could any small tool sets, cell phone, scribes, multi-tool, pistol mag, meds, work gloves, snuff, etc.  Set up to wear in your favorite configuration to best suit your needs.

Available in Black, Tan, OD and ACU.  At this price you can buy several of one color for a specific piece of gear that you grab on the way out the door or get a color for each of your mission profiles.  Complete versatility and left to your needs!

- Non-Slip padded drop leg platform.
- Fully adjustable leg strap with quick release buckle.
- Comes with three detachable pouches:
- 1 x Radio pouch. (belt mount)
- 1 x Utility pouch holds cell phone, PDA, digital camera...etc
- 1 x Flashlight pouch. (belt mount)