In Person HAZWOPER 8 Hour Training

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In Person HAZWOPER 8 Hour Training


Looking for the In Person HAZWOPER 8 Hour Training in Nashville, Tennessee?  You found us!


Let's cut to the chase.  You need the 8 Hour as a Refresher or you need it for the in person part of your initial training.  Why take it with us?

Training Center Pros Inc is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business located at 1029 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, TN 37210.

DUNS: 032583797


TN Vendor ID: 197279

Metro Nashville: 20953 

OK, we had to say that for the larger companies that do business with the US federal government.  The larger companies throw us a bone once in a while.  Have you seen the movie War Dogs?

Not only is Training Center Pros a HAZWOPER training company, they actually specialize in Improvised Explosive Device training, Combat Casualty Care, Drone Pilot and even rappelling and Fast Rope training.  Training Center Pros is so committed to the clients that they have their own rappelling and fast rope tower in their warehouse!  

The founder of Training Center and your instructor, Steve Cassidy, was a Navy EOD Tech Diver and US Navy EOD Dive Instructor!  He's probably not going to make you do push ups...or will he?  Mr. Cassidy was also certified by the DOJ as a Defensive Tactics Instructor teaching over 300 military law enforcement officers.


Training Center Pros also provides some of the most technologically advanced gear to the Specialized War Fighter.  You're on the catalog now.  Take a look around.


Why you should get your 8 Hour In Person with Training Center Recap:

  • Intense Training
  • Coolest Location Ever
  • Great Classroom
  • Easy to get to 
  • All the Gear
  • Dynamic Environment
  • You Never Know Who You're Going to See

We do have fun here but we do take safety seriously.  Nothing out there worth getting hurt or killed over.

Here's our scheduled classes for 2017:

  • April 28
  • May 12
  • June  2
  • July 7
  • More to follow


We hope to see you soon.