Jedburgh Target System


Jedburgh Target System

The Jedburgh Target System is now available on GSA Advantage!

Randomizing each engagement is central to our targets. This focus is designed to replicate the variability of a human attacker. 

The primary variable for Jedburgh targets is the number of hits required to "win" each training engagement. The system also determines which target will appear as a threat, and can also randomize the number of threats facing the shooter. 


On each iteration, the system selects the required number of hits for each target and the target order, within parameters selected by the firearms instructor. The instructor can also select non-threat targets which the system randomly employs to ensure that a shooter positively identifies a threat before engaging. 


The use of randomly selected non-threat targets further increases shooter focus on training and fundamentals. This randomization of the targets forces shooters into a continuous cycle of properly identifying the threat, accurately engaging the threat, and then quickly assessing the threat to determine if additional shots are required. 


This loop of identify, engage, and assess mirrors the process necessary to be successful in a gunfight. Jedburgh targets emphasize to shooters that they cannot control an attacker. It also reinforces the only way to end the fight - you must put accurate shots into the attacker until the threat is neutralized.


Jedburgh Target System SPECS:


Electrically Powered—no pneumatic hoses or air compressors

3/8" AR500 steel plates rated for pistol and rifle OR

Self-Healing Polymer targets—NEW!

AR500 steel bases—no need to protect the targets with a berm or knee wall

24v Actuator - raises and lowers the target in less than a second

500 feet of cable

All weather capable

Multiple leg heights available


Control Panels

Custom waterproof case - designed for easy storage and transport

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – the PLC randomly selects hit counts and target order

110v/220v input - the system is up and running anywhere you have power or mobile generator

24v outputs for the targets

Wireless network to interface with system remote (Samsung Tab A7 Tablet with case)

Multiple training scenarios, custom programming available


 Powerful programming tools are integrated into the system. Instructors can change nearly any parameter on the fly from the Samsung Tablet (included with the system).

  • Number of hits per target—the minimum number of hits and the maximum number of hits can be changed to suit the training objectives.
  • Each target has separate inputs, i.e. one target can be set to fall randomly between two and four hits, while another is set for five to eight hits.
  • Non-Threat – Each target can be designated as a non-threat and included in all programming scenarios.  The use of randomly selected non-threats forces positive threat identification during training.
  • Base Program—all targets are activated together. This scenario is perfect for training multiple shooters on individual targets.
  • Single Threat Program—a single target is randomly selected and presented to the shooter (with a random number of hits assigned through the PLC).
  • Dual Threat Program—a pair of targets are randomly selected and presented to the shooter at the same time (with individual random hits assigned).
  • Single/Double—the PLC randomly selects either a single threat or a pair of threats for the shooter to engage.
  • Number of iterations—the number of times to execute the selected program, for example “Single Threat Program” with three iterations will present three total threats to the shooter, one at a time, in a random order.



Jedburgh targets include a 1-year warranty for all components. During the warranty period, we will travel to your location and repair/replace the defective component. Extended warranties are available.