MK4 IR Target Marking Laser


MK4 IR Target Marking Laser

The MK4 IR Target Marking Laser is the IR laser you need to mark targets up to 5 Kilometers away!


MK4 IR Target Marking Laser SPECS:

Power Output <3.5 mW
ANSI Class 3R
Range @ With Night Vision Optics:
5,000 Meters Visible Dot & Beam

  • Weight - 118 grams (4.1 oz.) with Switch & 1 pc CR123A Battery Installed
  • Overall Dimensions - L 126mm X 25.4mm x 25.4mm
  • Output Mode - Constant Wave
  • Warranty - 1 Year

NOHD MARK-4ir = 7m

  • MARK-1ir & MARK-4ir Training, Signaling, Marking Lasers:
    Water Resistant, Shock Resistant
    Field Serviceable, Ruggedized
  • Air Crew Kits - 12 pcs
    Ameripack Hard Case
    Interior Dimensions: 
    13.5" x 9.5" x 5" 
    Nylon Soft Pack
    Interior Dimensions: 
    9.5" x 5.5" x 6"
  • US Made Modular Pouch
    Small Pouch for MARK-1ir or MARK-4ir Infrared Laser
    Choice of ACU, Coyote Brown, Black [LE], 
    MultiCam, Ranger Green
    (Berry Compliant)
  • 2 pcs CR123A Lithium Batteries:
    Lithium / Manganese Dioxide [Li/MnO2]
    1400 mAh, 3 V
  • Lanyard Loop Switch, Constant On/Off
  • Design Improvements for 2017:
    Knurled Tube, Power Lockout, Lanyard Loop
  • Optional Laser Rail Mount Kit [LRM-KIT]:
    1" Offset Rail Mount [LRM-1]
    6" Remote Cable Switch [RCS-10]
    30" Remote Cable Switch [RCS-30]