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MK1 IR Target Marking Laser

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MK1 IR Target Marking Laser




MARK-1ir | NOHD = 0
500 meters effective nighttime range.
Visible dot only. 

MARK-4ir | NOHD = 7m
5,000 meters effective nighttime range.
Visible dot & beam.

Portable, Personal Infrared Laser for Communication, Command & Control. Hand Held Tactical Comm Tool for Use with NVG's. 830nm IR Laser Diode for Superior Performance. Waterproof & Shock Resistant. Ruggedized & Field Tested. Choice of Modular Pouch; includes Constant On/Off Switch with Lanyard Loop; 2 pcs CR123A Lithium Batteries. 6 Hour Constant On Operation. Attach to any standard 1" tactical light mount. Remote cable switches available.


Training & Air Crew Signaling - 
Safe, Precise, Visual & Non-Verbal -
Target Marking for Rotary Wing Aircraft

Rotary aircraft crews require laser technology that can be safely used in training environments and in laser safety restricted air spaces and/or live fire exercises.
They need a capability that provides for safe, precise, visual, and non-verbal communication between pilots and crew; between crew and ground support; to mark LZ's; for "squirter control"; for signaling & "target talk on"; to point out obstacles, terrain features, or even aircraft rotors to insure obstacle clearance. We are matching mission and training tasks to the appropriate laser capability & power output.
Crews require "eye safe" power outputs; portability, ease of use, economic pricing; either weapons mounted or hand-held by crews, gunners, and pilots; laser use through closed door windows (rubber hood in development - see gallery). Also use as a training laser for JFO & JTAC target marking; to designate potential IED locations - for general training (when higher powered units are too dangerous to employ)
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