Christmas Gifts for EOD Techs

Christmas Gifts for EOD Techs

Posted by Steve Cassidy on Jun 25, 2022

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the EOD Tech in your life?  Use this as a guide to help narrow down what will blow the Tech's mind when they open it up.

I suggest using these 4 Major Criteria in deciding on the perfect EOD Christmas Gift:

Can it be used at work?

Can it be used around the house?

Is it cool enough to make everyone at the command jealous?

Will it last?

Can it be used at work?  No matter what you get the Tech of your life, it's going to work anyway so you might as well get over that now.  Our business is all zip-ties and duct tape.  

I promise, we'll figure out how to use a beer can, waffle iron and dental floss to do an RSP.  You also want it to go to work so you can receive the designation as the most wicked/thoughtful/smartest gift giver...ever!

Can it be used around the house?  Let's be honest, we love showing off our skills around the house, at the in-laws or out in town.  Case in point:  I'm smoking a cigar with my buddies when the proprietor comes to me and asked for plumbing tape.  

"WTF?"  Apparently, he had changed out a keg of deliciousness and couldn't get a seal on the air line to the keg.  "Gee!  Fresh out.  I have better!"  I reach into my bag and pull out a wrench.  I then grab the wrapper from my cigar, wrap it around the threads and tighten it up.  Problem solved.

We love this stuff!  It's what we do.

Is it cool?  It's gotta be cool enough that everyone wants to steal it...immediately!  It should also be one of the 3 primary colors, Black, Brown or Green.  The only exception is if it's shiny.  Very Shiny like "My Precious" shiny.  If it's shiny and black, you can do no wrong, ever.  It's ultimate "Get Out of Jail" card.

Will it last?  EOD Tech job description:  Take something that works and break it.  Regardless of what it is, it should be able to be used as a hammer, beer bottle opener, weapon, whatever those things are that fix "wabbley" tables or start fires.  Ten or twenty years after retirement it should be setting with the collection of knives, challenge coins, credentials, money from all the countries worked in and medals.  If the thought of seeing 20 years from now on the mantle above the fire place makes you ill, it's probably perfect.

I hope this Guide for the Perfect Christmas Gifts for EOD Techs has helped you go in the right direction with your gift-giving adventure this year.  If you need any suggestions on the fly, we do have a Live Chat.  I don't mind if you're at Best Buy, Home Depot or the Harley Shop, we're here to help and would love to hear from you.

I probably don't need to say this but remember to say a prayer for those still serving and away from family and for the families of those that Gave All.

Merry Christmas,