EOD 3 Laser Kit

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EOD 3 Laser Kit

The EOD 3 Laser Kit includes 1 Green Dot Laser, 1 Green Line Laser and 1 IR Line Laser.   But wait!  There's more!

The kit also includes 10 CR123 batteries so you're ready to light up the countryside as soon as you open the box.  Opt in for the weapon mount and you can mount any of the lasers with the remote cord that actually works on all 3 lasers!

Municipal Bomb Squads & Federal LE
Military EOD & Engineers, Infantry Patrol

Kit includes the BTG-10G Tactical Green Laser and 2 pcs Laser Trip Wire Illuminators. Use the BTG-10G for marking IED locations, tactical comms, precise non-verbal communication. C-TRIP (Green) for daylight use; C-TRIP-IR (Infrared) for use with night vision optics. The C-TRIP and C-TRIP-IR paint a brilliant, 60 degree fanned vertical line, measuring 15 ft. at 15 ft. distant. Easily scan doorways, halls or stair wells with one pass. Choice of Multicam, Coyote Brown, ACU, or Black modular pouch for transport and stowage. All three (3) Units feature power actuators on battery end cap assembly; lanyard loop and power lockout function. Six (6) hour continuous on operation. 1" knurled tubes - easily attach to standard 1" tactical light mounts. In use by operational forces in theater - Army, USMC, USAF, SOF, NSW and Navy EOD. Also Federal & Municipal Bomb Techs.


Navy EOD Approved
Bright & Visible Laser Line - 
Infrared & Red Variants Available

Field Report - Navy EOD Tech, EOD Group Two: "I have been evaluating the C-TRIP (Green Laser Trip Wire Illuminator) extensively with various Navy EOD teams. The unit has been put to good use for trip wire searches in a high speed assault atmosphere. Navy EOD doesn't have all day to clear areas during assaults because of the fast pace. This tool allows quick scanning of the area in a fraction of the time spent using a green dot laser. It has done well with all trip wire types ie, copper wire, metal wire, fishing line, and regular thin rope type material. The tool is also good to highlight the path of command wire quickly. The guys really like it".


Improvements Include Power Lock Out
1" Knurled Tube [2014 Production]

The 2014 Z-Bolt® EOD lasers emit bright, visible green laser lines or dots - or IR laser lines - powered by easily procured CR123A batteries, common to most laser, scope and tactical light systems. The Z-BOLT-EOD Kit provides an effective solution for trip and command wire detection; tactical communication; IED or bomb location marking, etc. 2014 improvements include power lock out function - battery tube casing now 1" knurled for superior grip and portable, hand held use. Attaches easily to any standard 1" tactical light mount.

Optional Rail Mount Kit:

Add an optional 1" Offset Mount for 1913 Picatinny rails and 6" remote cable switch for weapons mounting. Quick release lever for easy attachment and release of laser unit. Offset design provides multiple options for rail positioning. Remote cable switch includes power lockout function.