EOD Bomb Suit


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EOD Bomb Suit

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As a Tech walking down range in your EOD Bomb Suit, you are processing what intel has told you but it takes your experience to really see what is down range.  You are well trained and have plenty of options for gear and tools with the exception of your Bomb Suit...Until now.

EOD Bomb Suit SPECS:

NIJ 0117.01 Certified


No penetration in each of the following scenarios :
0.567kg C4 @ 0.6m kneeling,
1kg PE4 @1m Standing,
2kg PE4 @2m Standing,
10kg PE4 @3m Standing

Lightweight - Size 3 Medium Jacket, Pants and Helmet weigh in at 72 pounds.
Articulating Front Plate
Enhanced Mobility and Visibility
3 Sizes to fit 5th percentile female to 99th percentile male operators

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Comms, Cooling and CBRN Capabilities

For quite some time, Techs have wanted greater visibility, 360 degree protection from secondaries and tertiaries, lighter weight and certainly more mobility.  All of this and more is available now.

The 4030 ELITE Suit provides a scalable platform where communication and cooling systems can be integrated within the base suit without full scale upgrades – a cost efficiency benefit for defense and security organizations.

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What does this mean to the Techs in the field?  

You never have to worry if your helmet was mixed up with a different suit or whether you can use a new helmet with an older version of the same suit.  Having a helmet mix up cause mission failure is completely unacceptable.  Using the 4030 Suit eliminates this possibility.

Cooling systems and communications are available but you will be able to incorporate legacy systems saving you budget dollars which can be used for more specialized gear and training.

Having to move into confined spaces to access a device can be challenging.  We've all wanted to remove our front plate to be able to squeeze into that tight space.  

With the 4030's articulating Breast Plate you will be able to easily kneel down, go prone and climb into those tight spaces while maintaining maximum 360 degree protection.

Not one size fits all!

The 4030 EOD Bomb Suit comes in 3 sizes covering all from the 5th percentile of women to the 99th percentile of men.  And with the 4030 you can swap out jackets, trousers and helmets for that perfect fit.

NP Aerospace entered the EOD market in 2004 with a bomb disposal suit designed for British Forces in Northern Ireland.  Now with the 4030 you will save weight, increase mobility, increase field of view and save money!