EOD Positive Block


EOD Positive Block

Get the EOD Positive Block for your kit.  Pick the one you want or get all 3 for the price of 2!

The 3 distinct shapes give you a variety of positive blocks to chose from and a good length of 1 inch Gorilla Tape to hold the positive block in place.


The center Positive Block is the standard block for general use.  The left side has an indent that fits around the hinge on a hand grenade giving you a solid surface to hold the block in placae while preventing the cocked striker from going home.


The far right block is used for those hard to reach places.


The edges can be filed down to a bladed edge giving you the ability to wedge the block in a super tight place.


Primarily available in red for easy identification and ease of locating, red can be substituted for many other colors of kydex.  The other primary colors include Black, Ranger Green and Tan.