Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut Small Horizontal IFAK


Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut Small Horizontal Individual First Aid Kit

The Laser Cut IFAK pouch is designed to hold an operator's personal medical kit, including Combat Gauze, CAT and/or Trauma Bandage. They are all stored securely in a removable sleeve, which slots inside the outer pouch.
The sleeve and medkit are held firmly in place by elasticated sides and Velcro.
A large tab with non-slip Hypalon coating is attached to the inner sleeve and once pulled with force releases the inner sleeve from the otter pouch, allowing quick and easy access single-handed operation.

The Laser Cut IFAK has been designed to be attached horizontally to any one of the Warrior Assault System belts, by way of 4 MOLLE arms. It can also be attached vertically by using our Warrior 90-degree adapter.

Engineered from our high-quality composite laminate material and manufactured using our state of the art advanced laser cutting machines.

It is battle tested by the worlds finest.  They have collaborated with serving SF operators from around the world, receiving direct input gained from unparalleled experience and know-how.  Engineered from high quality composite laminate and manufactured using state of the art advanced laser-cutting machines.  Delivering a super strong, lightweight, low profile fighting system, for when failure is not an option.

Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut Small Horizontal Individual First Aid Kit Specs:

  • Super Strong
  • Light Weight
  • Low Profile
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • Innovative


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Works great I was able to put all my issued medical gear in there. It’s a lot more secured then the standard issue ifak you are issued no more trying to run and have my ifak dangling like a tail
Posted by Cody Harris, 1st Oct 2020