Level III Ballistic Shield Rifle


Level III Ballistic Shield Rifle

Level III Ballistic Shield (Rifle Protection)

***Law Enforcement Only***

**Your order will not be processed until we receive a copy of an agency issued ID**

The FRSIII Series of Ballistic Shields is designed for safety, coverage, protection, maneuverability and tactical advantage. 

The shield body is manufactured using our Advanced Ballistic Matrix Material and processing system. The large curved view-port provides the user with a wide forward view for increased situational awareness.  

The ambidextrous lightweight injection molded nylon handle allows use of either arm with various grip options, enhancing tactical movements  and longer use without fatigue.

Standard Features

  • Armor Materials: ABMM (Advanced Ballistic Matrix Material)
  • Ballistic protection against handgun ammunition
  • Lightweight “Boston” style ambidextrous handle
  • Multi-hit capability
  • Black with transparent 4”x16” viewport
  • NIJ 0108.01 Independently Tested

Design & Construction

  • Shield: Advanced ballistic composite Level IIIA
  • Viewport: Ballistic Polycarbonate Level IIIA
  • Spall reduction coating
  • Rubberized edge lining to protect against drops
  • Padded forearm pad
  • Optional light: Fox Fury Pro Series LED

Available Sizes

  • 16"x29" 
  • 18"x24"
  • 18"x34"
  • 20"x34"
  • 20"x40"
  • 24"X36"
  • 24"X48"
  • 24"X51"
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