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Walk Through Metal Detector Rental Nashville

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Walk Through Metal Detector Rental Nashville



A walk through Metal Detector rental Nashville is now available for your special events or advance team requirements.

Just having the detector lets the bad players know you mean business causing them to find a softer target to go after.  This is your one security guard that never needs a break and is always on.


The determined will try to make it through but even stuffing a weapon in a boot or shoe won't help with our CEIA Walk Through Metal Detector.


The operator stands back just a bit to see the lighted panel on the leading edge light up corresponding to the exact location of the suspicious items that are hidden.


Metal Detector Rental Pricing

The Metal Detector Rental pricing is based on 24 hour periods.  Day 1 is $250 which includes delivery and pickup from the event.  Additional days are $150 per day.

  • 1 Day total investment is $250.
  • 2 Day total investment is $400
  • 3 Day total investment is $550. etc.

As we're in Nashville, we completely understand that some events last as long as a week and we can arrange special pricing for these events.


Also included with the Metal Detector Rental is a side station for guests to place their personal items in to bypass the metal detector but still stay in eye-sight and reach.  The downward slope allows purses, wallets and other small items to slide down for further inspection before being returned to the owner.

Special Discounted Pricing is available for Law Enforcement or Agency use.

Please contact us for requirements.

Additional Services

The founder of the company has been involved in security in Nashville and around the world since 1984!

Mr. Cassidy has worked with Nashville Royalty since the Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam, Summer Lights and Fan Fare.  In the 1990's, Steve went international serving as an Executive Protection Specialist for Admirals, Generals and White House diplomats as well as conducting Overt and Covert Physical Security Inspections on military bases in Europe.

Steve then went on to become a US Navy EOD Technician Diver conducting missions in some of the most austere environments in the world.  Mr. Cassidy also received his US Secret Service Credentials serving the Clinton team in Warsaw, Poland with Madame Secretary Madeline Albright in Palestine and Jerusalem.

The company know offers additional services such as Private Bomb Squad, Quality Assurance for Security firms to validate the job is being done correctly in accordance with the contract, training for security forces to include identification of IED's and proper Vehicle Searches.

Please contact us with any questions for additional services.