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EOD 60 Second Epoxy

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EOD 60 Second Epoxy


EOD 60 Second Epoxy is the 1 Minute Instant Epoxy by Loctite giving you the fastest way to jam up fuzes, block dispersal devices and create a positive block on just about anything you're working on.

Each bottle comes with 2 sirynges to get the binary epoxy into the smallest places.

Works on:

  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • and most plastics.

When time on target is critical, waiting 5 minutes isn't a great option.

The 60 Second Epoxy is also available in our Custom EOD Tool Kit and our EOD Recon/Immedate Action Tool Kit.

Quit sitting around waiting on for expoxy to dry.


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